Frequently Asked Questions

Send us an email if you have more concerns through the Contact page. stands for Scientific Model Development. The core objective of SciModel Inc is to build up the foundations of mathematical modeling and analysis for prospective students. This has many implications in the STEM, data science and AI fields.
A study by MIT’s Integrated Learning Initiative found that students preferred reading over watching videos for learning data science online, with 30% favoring text. Those who studied via text also performed slightly better on assessments than their counterparts who watched videos, although the difference was not statistically significant. Text-based learning offers several advantages, including the ability to proceed at one’s own pace, the ease of revisiting specific sections for clarification or reinforcement, and potentially better retention of information. 



this depends on each course. Head to course page to see who each course is intended for. 

the main focus is Python programming language. Students do not need to install any special software to start learning as a free online IDE will be used. 

Yes, each course has its own prerequisite list, so kindly head to the course main page to learn more.